Aurora Technology's core business activity is the provision of personnel for engineering and scientific services within the European space sector. We hold contracts with the European Space Agency and work with our partner companies LSE and SSC Space in order secure contracts across Europe. Aurora currently has teams of employees working for ESA at its ESTEC facility in the Netherlands and at ESAC in Spain.

Aurora employs top quality staff by the offer of challenging work, responsibility, a pleasant environment and excellent remuneration. Our technical staff work on-site at the clients supported by our management and administration team.

We recognise that progress is only achieved by a happy motivated team. An important factor in achieving this is the employment package which provides for the following:

For those staff employed in the Netherlands we also offer the following:

For applications to positions we use a standard recruitment form which you are welcome to download in advance and prepare.

LSE Space also have similar interesting positions.

Current Positions

REC-02Recruiter16 Jun 2017

We maintain a list of closed vacancies to provide an overview of our work and the future possibilities.