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Aurora is an established supplier of skilled manpower to ESA and in particular at ESTEC and ESAC. Aurora has the opportunity to expand our support to ESA in the domain of the Advanced Technologies Section, in the Future Missions Preparation Office (SRE-F), within the Science and Robotic Exploration directorate (D/SRE).

Future Technologies Engineer (SRE-003)


The Advanced Technology Section is responsible for the timely development of technologies required for the future science and robotics exploration. This includes the survey, identification and definition of required technologies, and the planning, coordination and management of the associated Technology Development Activities (TDAs) that are implemented in the European space industry. A solid collaboration with the other Sections of the Division and TEC is essential to this work. The principle tasks of the Applied Physicist/Engineer will include:

Specific qualification requirements

All applicants must be legally allowed to work in the Netherlands. (ie. already have a European passport).


The work will be performed on site at the European Space Technology and Research Centre (ESTEC) at Noordwijk, The Netherlands.


To be considered for this Position

Provide prior to 15 February 2012 a complete and detailed Recruitment Form to Mr. Alex Jeanes, at email quoting reference SRE-003.

Aurora will agree conditional employment terms and conditions with candidates before presenting their recruitment form to ESA by 27 February 2012. ESA will select the candidates for interview and Aurora will provide for interview travel costs. Should ESA select you then a formal letter of employment shall be issued with an agreed start date.