If you think something in Aurora is not in conformance to the law
please report matters to the management

At Aurora and SSC, we take all violations of the Code of Conduct seriously.

We therefore provide you - as an employee - the additional whistle reporting system for matters concerning the general public, where you can also make an anonymous report.


Whistleblowing is to a third party and will then be handled by the SSC Group.

How to whistleblowing


Call: +46 771 402 103

which goes directly to KPMG Whistleblower Service.

Questions & Answers

What can be reported?

It must refer to irregularities in which there is a public interest in them being resolved (for example bribery and corruption, fraud, conflict of interest, breach of human rights, harassment, theft etc). The information must therefore concern the public and not the reporting person's own working or employment conditions. Conditions that concern an individual may in some cases be of general interest if, for example, they are repeated or systematic violations that can be considered unacceptable from a broader societal perspective. Violations of internal regulations such as codes of conduct may in some cases be of general interest.

What should not be reported?

General expressions of dissatisfaction. Such matters must be communicated to the immediate manager or the HR function. Reporting of security protection classified information. Information covered by a so-called qualified duty of confidentiality. This may be, for example, information concerning a country’s relationship with foreign power where national security is in danger or certain secrecy within the authorities' personnel administration.

Who administers the whistleblower system?

SSC's internal reporting channel is a secure system provided by SSC’s independent party KPMG AB ("KPMG"). KPMG's Whistleblower Service is completely independent of SSC's intranet and external website and can receive reports 24/7.

How does the reporting work?

1. A report is submitted by the person who wants to report filling in an electronic form in KPMG's Whistleblower Service. Reporting can also be done via voicemail: see info on top of this page. Via KPMG's Whistleblower Service or voicemail solution, the reporting person can also request to report during a face-to-face meeting.

2. The reporting person is assigned a unique case number and password, in case the reporting person wishes to continue the dialogue and/or follow the status of the case. The information needs to be saved securely.

3. KPMG's reviewer unit receives the case (and send a confirmation to the reporting person that the report has been received if the person who reported it has created an account for further contact or provided contact information in another way).

4. KPMG’s reviewer unit makes an initial assessment of the case.

5. The report and the initial assessment are forwarded to the pre-determined contact persons within SSC for further handling and action planning. KPMG ensures that a report is not forwarded to anyone within SSC who is affected by the report.

6. SSC decides on any remediation measures.

7. Feedback is provided to the person who reported, if the person has created an account or provided contact information in another way.