ESA Frame Contract awarded to Aurora

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18th May 2017
Wins Q3 2017
2nd October 2017

We are proud to announce an amazing success which will move Aurora forward to new heights in the coming years.

Aurora has been awarded by the European Space Agency as a Prime Contractor for the Industrial Support to ESA Directorates 2017-2022.

Aurora is the largest supplier of services by volume and prime in the domains of:

  • Earth Observation Engineering
  • Earth Observation Scientists (NEW)
  • Facilities Management (NEW)
  • D/SCI Future Missions Office and Prodex (larger service with 11 staff and 3 subcontrators)
  • Science Operations (larger service with 45 staff and 2 subcontractors)

We are also subcontractor to both ATG Europe and Vitrociset Belgium, providing all three companies the broadest access to a total of 25 ESA Activity Domains over a total of 27.

This excellent result will definitely increase the opportunities for new people joining us in the future as well as will open new horizons to our current employees.

Thanks to all our team who made this possible!

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The support has been carried out under a programme and funded by the European Space Agency.  ESA disclaimer – “The view expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency.”