Engineering Coordinator for University Education

Job ID: ECO-DG-54

Deadline: 10 February 2019

Aurora is an established supplier of skilled manpower to ESA and in particular at ESTEC and ESAC. Aurora has the opportunity to expand our support to ESA in the domain of ECO – Communication Education and Marketing.
Happiness of our employees has proven key to obtaining excellent results and a client who also regards us highly for excellent service.


The post-holder will report to the Head of the Tertiary Education Unit, and will support him for the coordination of educational CubeSat programmes conducted by the Education Office, throughout all phases of their lifecycle.

A central attention shall focus on the coordination of “Fly Your Satellite!”, starting since the definition of the new programme cycles.

The post-holder shall prepare the overall programme scheme, organised to release periodical Announcements of Opportunity to the Academy community, and offering to educational CubeSat teams the chance to participate in the “Fly Your Satellite!” programme, at different entry levels starting from “early beginners” teams, up to and including student teams at advanced stage in the CubeSat development process, and possibly including also CubeSat teams read for “quick turn-around launch opportunities”.

Specifically, the tasks of the post-holder will include:

  • define the programme logic and the implementation structure for the “Fly Your Satellite!” programme cycles;
  • define the deliverables and project objectives to be achieved by the CubeSat teams participating at the different levels of the “Fly Your Satellite!” programme;
  • coordinate the involved university project teams, and the ESA specialists that will support the FYS programme, or will mentor the university student teams;
  • monitor the technical baseline of the relevant projects, and review the project documentation to ensure compliance with requirements, applicable standards, and good space engineering practice;
  • support and review the satellites AIV (Assembly, Integration and Verification) campaigns (to be performed at the ESTEC test facilities, or at facilities located elsewhere);
  • support the preparation and conduct of project meetings, project reviews, test campaigns, launch preparation campaigns, and of workshops or conferences;
  • liaise with the Young Graduate Trainees involved in the satellite projects of the Education Office, and support the Head of the Tertiary Education Unit for their coordination;
  • support the definition, the organization, and the conduct of the ESA Academy activities (conducted at Redu, or at other locations);
  • liaise with the colleagues of the Education Office in charge of Outreach coordination, to the scope of supporting the outreach initiatives on the ESA education satellites;
  • offer support (if requested by the Head of the Tertiary education Unit) to other tertiary education projects.

Specific qualification requirements

  • University degree (at least at MSc level) in Space Systems Engineering, or equivalent;
  • Good fluency in the use of English as a working language;
  • The post holder shall be well organised, shall be able to show good spirit of initiative, and shall own good skills and experience in the management of space projects; shall have good skills to coordinate effectively work contributions from several different parties, and shall possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all stakeholders (ESA, the involved international partners, industry, academia and students);
  • The experience of having directly collaborated at the satellite programmes (Fly Your Satellite! in particular) of the ESA Education Office is an important asset.

Legal and Security Requirements

  • All applicants must be legally allowed to work in The Netherlands
  • Applicants are required to provide a copy of their passport and degree certificate. Aurora will validate the Degree with the issuing University and provide evidence to ESA.
  • Prior to issuing a letter of employment the applicant shall provide to Aurora a recent official document declaring that they are of good conduct from the country where currently resident.


The work will be performed at the European Space Technology and Research Centre (ESTEC) at Noordwijk, The Netherlands.


  • The selected candidate will receive good remuneration  in line with ESA Job Class.
  • Will be registered for both social security and tax in the Netherlands.
  • The standard working hours are 40 per week. There are 12 public holidays and an additional 30 annual days holiday.
  • Training to improve efficiency and provide strength for future career are of course included.
  • Aurora assist with relocation both with support and financially.
  • Aurora contributes to a company pension scheme.

To be considered for this Position

Provide prior to 10 February 2019 a summary of why you are a good candidate for the position together with a complete and detailed Candidate Proposal Form or CV and Motivation Letter to Mr. Davide Starnone, at email quoting reference ECO-DG-54 (RT-C/DG-SE/00054).

Aurora will agree conditional employment terms and conditions with candidates before presenting them by 15 February 2019, 13.00 hours.