Instrument Performance Engineer

Job ID: EOP-208_IPE

Deadline: 28 April 2024

Aurora is an established supplier of skilled manpower to ESA and in particular at ESTEC and ESAC. Aurora has the opportunity to expand our support to ESA in the domain of EOP – Engineering Support to Earth Observation.

Happiness of our employees has proven key to obtaining excellent results and a client who also regards us highly for excellent service.


MetOp-SG consists of two series of satellites with three satellites in each series. The industrial Phase B2/C/D contracts started on 1 June 2014 and the PDR was completed in November 2015.

The payload of the two satellites consists of ten different instruments, including, in particular, a set of three microwave radiometers (MicroWave Sounder, MWS; MicroWave Imager, MWI; Ice Cloud Imager, ICI).

For the above group of three instruments, the duties include:

  • Review of Characterization, Calibration and In-Orbit Verification Plans.
  • Technical support to the assessment and verification of the instruments end-to-end performances.
  • Analysis of the Ground Processor Prototype, GPP, and Instrument Data Simulator, IDS, requirements.
  • Monitoring of the development of GPP and IDS of the related instruments, including payload common parts.
  • Review of the GPP and IDS Input/Output Design Specifications.
  • Support to EUMETSAT documentation review (L1b products specifications, L1b Algorithms Theoretical Baseline Documentation, ATBD).
  • Review of instrument performance models, instrument radiometric/geometric models.
  • Improvement and maintenance of performance and data processing tools (models, performances, budgets).
  • Participation to Project reviews.
  • Assessment of non-compliances and RFDs/RFWs related to instrument performances.

In the execution of his tasks, the Performance Engineer will work closely with each of the Principal Instrument Engineers responsible for the relevant instruments.

Specific qualification requirements

  • The Candidate shall have a university degree (masters) or equivalent qualification in instruments performance and data processing. Background in microwave radiometer instruments for remote sensing will be an asset.
  • The Candidate shall have a good understanding of the overall instruments, including background in modelling of the observation techniques, end-to-end performance estimation, level-1b processing and instrument characterization.
  • Experience with data processing, instrument modelling and experience in instrument development is an asset.
  • The Candidate shall demonstrate good familiarity with computer programs such as Excel, Matlab, etc.
  • Good interpersonal Skills.
  • Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team within the boundaries of assigned tasks and a stringent schedule.
  • Proficient in the English Language (Spoken and Written).

Legal and Security Requirements

  • All applicants must be legally allowed to work in The Netherlands
  • Applicants are required to provide a copy of their passport and degree certificate. Aurora will validate the Degree with the issuing University and provide evidence to ESA.
  • Prior to issuing a letter of employment the applicant shall provide to Aurora a recent official document declaring that they are of good conduct from the country where currently resident.


The work will be performed at the European Space Technology and Research Centre (ESTEC) at Noordwijk, The Netherlands.


  • The selected candidate will receive good remuneration.
  • Will be registered for both social security and tax in the Netherlands.
  • The standard working hours are 40 per week. There are 12 public holidays and an additional 30 annual days holiday.
  • Training to improve efficiency and provide strength for future career are of course included.
  • Aurora assist with relocation both with support and financially.
  • Aurora contributes to a company pension scheme.

To be considered for this Position

Prior to 28 April 2024, please apply via our Job Application form quoting EOP-208_IPE as reference.

Aurora will agree conditional employment terms and conditions with candidates before presenting them by 29 April 2024 13.00 hours.

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