Saturday, 24 June

Departure by bus

The Tour Bus is from 'De Wit Reizen' company.   Alex is the contact person (+31 0646326562).  The bus carries 61 people and is full.

Pick up points will be: 

  •  Sassenheim Train Station at 10:00h. Free parking available for your car. 
  • Leiden in one of the three in a line bus stops (soldat van Oranje) at Stationsplein at approximately 10:25h.  The bus can only wait here for a few minutes.

The arrival in the city of  s'Hertogbosch should be around 12:00h.

You can leave items (not valuable) on the bus during the day on Saturday and Sunday but not on Saturday night as we might get a different bus on Sunday.

Lunch in s'Hertogbosch 

Lunch will be from 13:00h at the Golden Tulip Hotel Central, located in  Burg. Loefplein 98 5211 RX 'S-Hertogenbosch.

Those who take the first two boats should be there promptly at 13:00h

For people travelling with own car, the hotel owns 110 parking places in the closed basement of car park 'De Tolbrug', which is located opposite the hotel entrance. Here the address: Burgemeester Loeffplein 70, 5211 RX 's-Hertogenbosch.  For parking instructions, please check here.

For more detailed instruction about the Parking
1. Enter the parking on the left (follow the 'Hotel' sign written on the road).
2. Use the Intercom located at the entrance of the basement. The receptionist will open the roller gate, after which you can draw a ticket at the barrier.
3. After parking, do not leave the ticket in the car, but take it with you to open the connecting door to Golden Tulip Hotel Central.
4. At the hotel, you must exchange this ticket for an exit ticket for a reduced rate.
5. You must pay these costs in cash or by debit card at the payment machine.

Boat Tour

After lunch there shall be a boat tour through the middle ages Historical boat tour on the Binnendieze -

Those travelling by car shall be on the first two boats and receive their boat ticket at the lunch from Diane.   Those travelling by bus shall receive their boat ticket from Alex on the bus.  Children under 4 years do not have a ticket and sit on a parent's lap.

We have the following booked:

  • 14:15h from Voldersgat (point E on the map), hoek Zuidwal/Oude Dieze - 28 tickets
  • 14:20h from Molenstraat (point D on the map) - 15 tickets
  • 15:15h from Voldersgat (point E on the map), hoek Zuidwal/Oude Dieze - 28 tickets
  • 15:20h from Molenstraat (point D on the map) - 18 tickets
For the tour map with details of the boat departure points


After the last boat tour, the touring bus will depart at 16:30h to go to the hotel.

We should arrive at the Best Western Wellness Hotel Nobis around 17:30h.  A fast check in is arranged at the hotel which should leave time to enjoy the indoor pool just before dinner


At the hotel at 19:00h, we will have a nice evening walking dinner, with sitting options available. 

The hotel does not cater for Children under 3 however it is possible to order from the Childrens menu or bring your own food.

Children from 3 to 11 can order from the children’s menu and an area will be provided for the them to sit together and eat.

Sunday, 25 June


The day starts with a breakfast buffet in the hotel. Then we shall depart on time to arrive at the opening times of the following choice of events.

The touring bus departs at 9:15h and

  • firstly drops off the group attending Beekse Bergen, who will enter the park together at around 9:45h
  • then the group attending Efteling, who will enter the park together at around 10:30h.

People with their own car also need to be at the respective parks at the same time for group entry.

Beekse Bergen

The Beekse Bergen is the Netherlands safari destination with more than 150 animal species.

  • We enter the park together around 9:45h.
  • Alex (+31 0646326562) will pick up the tickets from Guest Services and distribute them together with the car park exit passes for the four cars.
  • For those traveling by touring car, a bus journey through the safari park is organised at 12:15h until 13:45h.   The bus departs from the bus stop behind the Guest Services.
  • There is a Boat Safari of about 30 minutes included in the ticket with a ranger onboard who will talk about rhinos, camels, ring tailed lamars etc.  You get on/off at opposite ends of the park.


The Efteling is the largest theme park in the Netherlands and providing fun activities for all ages.

  • Entrance may be any time from 10:30h onwards. Those travelling by bus will arrive around that time.
  • Those travelling by car will be sent their park tickets and car park exit tickets by email no later than Friday June 23rd.
  • Those travelling by bus will be issued paper tickets on the bus.
  • Whilst in the park Davide is the contact point (+31 0646149699).
  • Once in the park you are free to enjoy all the rides and activities at your leisure.

Back home

The touring bus shall depart:

  • From Beekse Bergen at 16:30h
  • From Efteling about 17:15h 

The bus will stop in Leiden Stationsplein and then in Sassenheim Train Station.

Wishing you

a highly successful company event filled with great connections, inspiration, and memorable moments!

Aurora covers the following costs

for employees in the Netherlands, their partners and children 17 years old or younger.

  • Touring Bus

  • Lunch in s'Hertogbosch

  • Boat Tour in s'Hertogbosch

  • Evening dinner and standard drinks (coffee, tea, juices, beer from the tap, house wine, soft drinks) from 18h until midnight

  • Hotel room

  • Entrance Tickets to Efteling or Beekse Bergen Park