15th June 2022

Welcome Anna to the HR and Admin Team

We are very happy to welcome Ms. Anna Glebko to expand our Head Office in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Anna is a […]
1st April 2022

Wins Q1 2022

Thanks to our consolidated partnership with the European Space Agency, Year 2022 started positively for Aurora Technology. In the first […]
17th January 2022

New member for the Recruitment team

We are very happy that Belen Buzzo joined Aurora to expand our Head Office in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. She is […]
1st January 2022

Wins Q4 2021

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Aurora closed a very successful year winning the following positions: System and Concurrent Design Facility […]
12th October 2021

Best in ESA Domain 2020

Here we are again! We are proud to announce that we have been awarded with ‘Best in Domain’ certificates from […]
1st October 2021

Wins Q3 2021

In the third quarter of 2021, Aurora continued to be very successful and – thanks also to the awarding of […]
15th July 2021

Aurora awarded Services at ESAC in Spain

ESAC, the European Space Astronomy Centre, is a center of excellence for Space Science for ESA’s Astronomy, Heliophysics and Planetary […]
1st July 2021

Wins Q2 2021

In the second quarter of 2021, Aurora won several positions to support ESA/ESTEC: Information Security Engineer Sentinel SAR Mission Scientist […]
1st April 2021

Wins Q1 2021

Despite COVID-19 is still among us, year 2021 started well for Aurora Technology, who is keeping employing the best talented […]
1st January 2021

Wins Q4 2020

Aurora Technology closed this particular COVID-year 2020 commencing work on the following new position(s): AOCS Engineer Chemical Propulsion Engineer Payable […]