Rosetta Lander

New Service Contract at ESAC
2nd January 2015

Miguel Perez on Spanish TV

Aurora is supporting the Rosetta Science Operations Team in ESAC with 3 engineers.

Miguel Perez is leader of the science operation planning and was again included in the broadcast on Spanish television.

This time Miguel explained about the
Rosetta lander, Philae, travelling to the comet.

Bjoern Grieger is planning the trajectories that the Rosetta spacecraft will perform to keep it safe and provide the optimum science. Bernhard Geiger is liasion scientist with several payload teams ensuring that the operations provide them the best science with the limited resources.

We extend our congratulations to ESA and the whole Rosetta team on their remarkable success. Rosetta continues to monitor the comet as it approaches closer to the Sun. We are looking forward to more excellent science in 2015.

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