SSC Group: 50 years in Space!

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15th June 2022
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1st July 2022

In 2022 we celebrated 50 years of the SSC group

The SSC Group organised events at offices around the World. Aurora held celebratory events in the Netherlands and Spain on different weekends.

Celebratory Dinner in the Netherlands

On the 13 May 2022, we organized a fabulous dinner with our NL employees and their partners in Huis Ter Duin, Noordwijk.

We started with a glass of Prosecco at the arrival, where everybody had the chance to chat and catch up on the latest news after long time apart. Everybody was amazed by the location which had an astonishing view on the north sea!

Specifically after two years of teleworking it was a pleasure to meet in person colleagues and friends old and new, and the mood at all tables was truly cordial and festive. Then we had an amazing 5 course dinner.

In the middle of the evening, Aurora Management did a speech to celebrate to the 27 years of Aurora, the 32 years of our parent company LSE Space (you can spot our special guest Nathalie in the picture on the right) and especially to celebrate the 50 years of SSC.

Event in Spain

Even if with a bit of delay, on the 3 of June, we also celebrated in Spain with all our population (and partners) working at ESAC.

The selected restaurant was the Gallego Orecanto, one of the best Galician Restaurants in Madrid. We spent a great night together, enjoying each other company until 1 AM.

SSC: Half a century in Space

It all started with sounding rockets launched from a simple forest glade. Half a century later, SSC is a global leader in advanced Space operations, involved in many high-profile missions and projects supporting a sustainable development of life on Earth.

SSC celebrated its 50 years in the Space business on the 19th of June 2022 in the Old Observatory in Stockholm.

In parallel, the other SSC offices around the world had their own celebrations, such as LSE Space and us at Aurora. Then we virtually met all together to listen the speech of Stefan Gardefjord (SSC CEO) and cheer to this big achievement!

You can read more about SSC turning 50 y.o. here:

Cheers to many more successful years to come 🚀🍾