About Aurora Technology

Aurora is firmly established within the Space industry as a support company providing a high level of service in the provision of engineering and scientific services. Since 2010 Aurora is owned by LSE Space which complements and increases our ability to provide solutions.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is our main client, Aurora supports ESTEC, ESAC and ESRIN.

Aurora successfully supplies engineering and scientific support services in Holland and Spain whereas LSE is a leading supplier of Operations Engineering services to ESOC and GSOC in Germany. Together we employ circa 200 professional engineers, scientists, and high level administration staff providing solutions and services for design, development and operations of spacecraft, payload and ground segments.

SSC has a multinational team of over 500 staff with more than 25 different nationalities; all experience the adventure of working and living in an international environment. The exposure to different cultural values and different societies means that the awareness and tolerance within the team is enhanced. Becoming culturally intelligent is a key requirement for the success of our business in a professional as well as social context.

The employees are our key resource and we support them in order to progress their careers successfully. We employ individuals with a high level of qualification and motivation who are also flexible in order to meet the challenges of the tasks to be performed. We encourage all staff to remain at the leading edge of the skills curve via a continuous training and education programme and combine this with a generous remuneration package. Regular staff dialogues and feedback on ongoing assignments are part of the culture.

Aurora's strategy is to be as effective and sustainable as possible by: