Summary of Employment

Aurora Technology's core business activity is the provision of personnel for engineering and scientific services within the European space sector. We hold contracts with the European Space Agency and work with our partner companies LSE and SSC Space in order secure contracts across Europe. Aurora currently has teams of employees working for ESA at its ESTEC facility in the Netherlands and at ESAC in Spain.

Aurora employs top quality staff by the offer of challenging work, responsibility, a pleasant environment and excellent remuneration. Our technical staff work on-site at the clients supported by our management and administration team.

Progress is only achieved by a happy motivated team

Employment Package

An important factor in achieving this is the employment package which provides for the following:
30 days holiday
+ 12 public
Training Courses
More info
Working Time
Social and Sport
Pension Scheme
with option for additional contributions (*)
Full salary if sick for up to 1 year
& 70% in 2nd year (*)
Non-competition clause
NOT included in our contract (**)
Business Travel

(*) For those staff employed in the Netherlands.

(**) We want all employees to be happy, but if they are not they are always free to leave. Watch out if you are thinking to sign for a competitor with such a clause.

Slide left & right the picture below and see the difference in our culture!

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Aurora employees highly qualified personnel and we live in changing times. To maintain our leading expertise, we strongly support employees to perform training.
The staff attend training in the most appropriate courses and locations (NL, UK, Italy, Spain, US, ...).

We also share training within the SSC group helping our staff to meet fellows from LSE and SSC.

How to Apply

Send an email quoting as reference the #Job Code
or directly use our online application form.

Application Form
Your email should provide a summary of why you are a good candidate for the position together with a complete and detailed Candidate Proposal Form.
or alternatively your CV and Motivation Letter. The Candidate Proposal Form template can be downloaded here.
For OPEN APPLICATIONS, you can simply do the same quoting #OpenApplication as Job Code reference.
We actively look for suitable candidates on LinkedIn via our connections. If you want us to proactively contact you, please follow our LinkedIn Aurora Company page.
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GDPR Compliance Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to companies that process data of EU residents.
Aurora is fully complaint with GDPR. We have an internal Privacy Policy and a specific Recruitment Privacy Policy for applicants.

By sending us your Curriculum Vitae OR by proactively applying to any of our job opportunities OR by submitting an open application, you are giving consent to Aurora for collecting, storing and processing your personal information, which will be used for recruitment purposes only.
Aurora will never share personal information or a CV with a third party without your explicit consent.
If you do not consent to Aurora storing your personal data, please do not submit your job application because we are unable to process it without receipt of consent to process and store your personal information.

For any extra information, please refer to our Recruitment Privacy Policy. Our email for GDPR is


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Therefore if you know about a vacancy at ESA which is not listed on our website, do not hesitate to directly
contact us

Closed Positions

We also maintain a list of closed vacancies
to provide an overview of our work and future possibilities.