To find out more about Aurora Technology or if you are interested to join the team, contact:

Alex Jeanes

Managing Director

Mr. Alex Jeanes founded Aurora in 1995.

As Managing Director Alex has full authority within Aurora. Via his very broad and active role, he is successfully maintaining the happiness of staff and clients.

Davide Starnone

Business Manager

Mr. Davide Starnone joined Aurora in 2015 providing Business Development Management.

Davide is Head of Sales, Recruitment & Business Development, following recruitment activity, taking care of Client relationship and employees management. He is also supporting key strategic proposal and bid work.

Tracey Longden

Senior Recruiter and HR

Ms. Tracey Londgen joined Aurora in 2018 providing senior HR and recruitment support.

Tracey is following candidates applications and supporting company business growth. As an experienced HR specialist, she is responsible of employee professional development and training.

Gaynor Brown

Recruiter and HR

Ms. Gaynor Brown joined Aurora at the end of 2018, increasing Aurora's HR and recruitment team.

Gaynor is in charge of candidates applications and supports HR activities. She has supported ESA for several years and now she helps Aurora with her expertise.

Aurora's Office

  • Come to visit us.
    Parking available in front of the office or nearby.

The office

located on the main road, on the entire 1st floor of the office building

Very close to our client ESA/ESTEC and our staff working there

Quality big office with additional private meeting rooms,
providing an excellent professional working environment
and allowing us to further expand our team.