Future Technology Engineer

Job ID: HRE-06

Deadline: 4 April 2016

Aurora is an established supplier of skilled manpower to ESA and in particular at ESTEC and ESAC. Aurora has the opportunity to expand our support to ESA.


The work will be performed on-site at ESTEC within the Directorate of the Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration (HRE).
The Department of ISS and Exploration in the Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration (HRE) is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the future exploration programme, including the development of technologies required for the future exploration missions. This includes the identification of technology requirements and the planning, coordination and management of the associated Technology Development Activities (TDAs) that are conducted by the European space industry. The future technologies engineer would be joining a small team currently responsible for the management of the Mars Robotic Exploration Preparation Programme.

The principal tasks of the postholder will include:

  • Support to the preparation of Technology Development Plans (TDPs) to be submitted to IPC for approval
    • Participation in systems studies to understand the technology requirements coming from mission designs.
    • Planning and implementation of the TECNET process for defining Technology Development Activity proposals.
  • Technology activity management (both with a leading role and an interface roleas de facto TO and ITO) for exploration TDAs as well as relevant TDAs from other programmes, e.g. Science.
  • TDP Implementation Management
    • Responsible for the overall TDP implementation planning and scheduling in close coordination with the project controller and contract officer.
    • Responsible for monitoring and reporting the status of the TDAs in the programme.
  • Support in preparation of any Call for Ideas or other similar interaction with the external scientific and engineering community.
  • Support to the promotion of the Programme to external stakeholders.
  • Management of the TDA technical documentation database and responsible for keeping the Programme website up-to-date.
  • Participation in technical reviews and working groups.

Specific qualification requirements

  • Applicants should have a postgraduate (Masters or PhD) degree in Engineering or physics.
  • This post is highly diverse and technical in nature and therefore requires the candidate to ideally have more than 10 years of experience in the field of space technology.
  • Knowledge in technical fields related to spacecraft hardware on exploration missions is highly desirable, and a willingness to learn about new technologies is essential.
  • Experience with space hardware, in particular past hands-on experience in development and testing.
  • Enthusiasm for space and in particular planetary exploration together with a drive to achieve results are considered to be very valuable to the team.
  • The candidate should have the demonstrated interest and ability of taking the initiative to get the job done when necessary.
  • Effective communication skills are essential to the post in order to interface with colleagues within ESA and with external partners, in particular European industrial contractors.
  • The candidate must possess a strong spirit of team-working and open communication within the team.
  • Project management skills such as planning, monitoring, reporting, and risk management are highly valuable.
  • Expertise in working with large amounts of data and ability to process, automate and produce visual analysis in support of managerial decisions.
  • Experience working in the international and multicultural environment of ESA and knowledge of its working processes and procedures is considered an asset.

Legal and Security Requirements

  • All applicants must be legally allowed to work in The Netherlands
  • Applicants must be eligible to obtain security clearance by their national security administration. Being already in possession of
    security clearance will be considered an asset for the selection.
  • Applicants are required to provide a copy of their passport and degree certificate. Aurora will validate the Degree with the issuing University and provide evidence to ESA.
  • Prior to issuing a letter of employment the applicant shall provide to Aurora a recent official document declaring that they are of good conduct from the country where currently resident.


The work will be performed at the European Space Technology and Research Centre (ESTEC) at Noordwijk, The Netherlands.


  • The selected candidate will receive good remuneration.
  • Will be registered for both social security and tax in the Netherlands.
  • The standard working hours are 40 per week. There are 12 public holidays and an additional 30 annual days holiday.
  • Training to improve efficiency and provide strength for future career are of course included.
  • Aurora assist with relocation both with support and financially.
  • Aurora contributes to a company pension scheme.

To be considered for this Position

Provide prior to 4 April 2016 a summary of why you are a good candidate for the position together with a complete and detailed
Recruitment Form or CV and Motivation letter to Mr. Davide Starnone, at email davide.starnone@aurora.nl quoting reference HRE-06.

Aurora will agree conditional employment terms and conditions with candidates before presenting their detailed technical proposal and candidates to ESA by 8 April 2016, 13.00 hours.