Programme/Project Controller

Job ID: BMC-HRE-139

Deadline: 10 June 2023

Aurora is an established supplier of skilled manpower to ESA and in particular at ESTEC and ESAC. Aurora has the opportunity to expand our support to ESA in the domain of BMC – Business Management, Controlling & Administration.
Happiness of our employees has proven key to obtaining excellent results and a client who also regards us highly for excellent service.


The program/project controller will support the HRE Manpower Contract Technical Officer on the day to day activities in particular:

  • Preparation of Request for Tender (RT).
  • Presenting the Services proposal to the Technical Responsible(s) and the Contract Officer(s).
  • Supporting the recruitment process and assisting in evaluating CVs of proposed candidates.
  • Contract coordination activities with the ESA Contract Officers.
  • Support the interview process for MAS contractors e.g. by preparing the list of contractors, the schedule of interview(s), meeting room reservation(s), security entries, accompanying contractors, staff etc.
  • Preparation of new contract / contract changes as documents, perform their implementation in esa-p (create contract/Contract Change Notice (CCN)/Work Order (WO)) and insure the correctness of the process by carrying out reviews on Statement of Work, deliverables and KPI.
  • Prepare financial input for CCNs based on companies PSSA for CO and review correctness of CCNs for finalisation.
  • Complete the consolidation of all manpower contracts (e.g. end of year, contract closure/modification, ad-hoc actions).
  • Updating and verify the completeness of the data to the relevant databases such as THREAD with contractor information (Manpower Assignment-MAS, Service) and HRE database(s) (HRE contractors workforce database) and closely monitor their evolution.
  • Lead the end of year Contractors Frame Contract (EFC)reconciliation exercise as well as support the hard closure exercise.
  • Prepare and provide several reports on contracts (e.g. status of contracts vs budget, amount committed, accrued, invoiced, etc) and also ad-hoc reports and analyse trends and deviations.
  • Participate to the ESTEC Frame Contract Operations Board to provide HRE inputs in agreement with HRE-P and HRE-PS management.

Moreover, the program/project controller will also support the Business Unit Controlling area in the following activities:

  • Prepare information and reporting for managerial accounting issues.
  • Maintaining up to date the related data, performing data analysis, identifying deviations w.r.t. plans/targets including and production of associated reports to the responsible management and to the concerned areas when relevant.
  • Support the elaboration of recharge rates for the Analysis Centres, perform review/analysis at Cost Centres level, controlling of their overall financial balance, and contribution to the recharging process.
  • Supporting related data analysis such as for internal costs, SLAs with other directorates, activity level KPIs, the directorate dashboard infromation and supporting the Agency’s budget exercises.
  • Maintaining related master data such as WBS, Analysis/Cost Centres, Fund and Fund Centres and supporting the Directorate reorganisations’ activities.
  • Monitoring utilisation of commitment ceiling for BU funds and fund centres and taking necessary actions vis-à-vis Finance Department to redistribute allocations as required.
  • Liaison with Contract, Budget and Payment Officers to ensure the coherence of the internal and external administrative data.
  • Operation of the associated management information tools and system databases and assisting in the definition, preparation, implementation and maintenance of management support tools to ensure efficient execution of the related tasks.
  • Suggest improvements in HRE-PS processes and tools e.g. workforce database, dashboard, datalake, IPCDB, esaplan etc.

In addition, the following activities might be requested:

  • Support in the preparation of presentations e.g. for workforce reports.
  • Support the ESA HRE Time recording activities where required incl. excess hours, launch campaigns and special working arrangements etc.
  • Support to the inventory and asset management processes for the Business Unit, including coordination of the proper registration of inventory items and assets, valuation of assets, in accordance with applicable procedures and instructions and the use of required tools.
  • Monitoring and following-up on the implementation of the procurement actions such as cash and cost plans, actuals and deviations and geographical return process current commitments status and the industrial policy forecast for planned activities.
  • Support the execution of the directorate’s Risk Management process.

Specific requirements

  • Fluent in English.
  • Master degree in the area of Finance, Engineering or Legal or similar field.
  • Relevant work experience in the above requirements.
  • Experience within multicultural and international environments.
  • Strong working experience in another function in finance, controlling and auditing will be considered a key asset.
  • Knowledge of ESA financial processes/regulations is an advantage.
  • Some knowledge and/or understanding of space/ESA systems architecture will be considered an asset.
  • Knowledge of procurement process and understanding of ESA industrial policy.
  • Very good knowledge of excel, word, and other Microsoft applications (e.g. Power BI, teams, SharePoint).
  • Good knowledge of esa-p and other ESA ERP and the THREAD tools is an asset.
  • Strong problem solving and result driven approach.
  • Strong ability to work independently and within group.

Legal and Security Requirements

  • All applicants must be legally allowed to work in The Netherlands.
  • Applicants are required to provide a copy of their passport and degree certificate. Aurora will validate the Degree with the issuing University and provide evidence to ESA.
  • Prior to issuing a letter of employment the applicant shall provide to Aurora a recent official document declaring that they are of good conduct from the country where currently resident.


The work will be performed at the European Space Technology and Research Centre (ESTEC) at Noordwijk, The Netherlands.


  • All employees receive good remuneration in line with function and experience.
  • When autonomous then teleworking can often be utilised.
  • Will be registered for both social security and tax in the Netherlands.
  • The standard working hours are 40 per week.
  • There are 12 public holidays and an additional 30 annual days holiday.
  • Training to improve efficiency and provide strength for future career are of course included.
  • Aurora contributes 15,7% of pensionable salary to a company pension scheme and employees can optionally make additional contributions.

To be considered for this Position

Prior to 10 June 2023, please apply via our Job Application form quoting BMC-HRE-139 (RT-C/HRE-PS/00139) as reference.

Aurora will agree conditional employment terms and conditions with candidates before presenting them by 12 June 2023, 13.00 hours.

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