Second Managing Director

Wins Q3 2020
1st October 2020
Best in ESA Domain 2019
15th December 2020

Aurora growth

Davide joined Aurora in November 2015 and has since been part of Aurora’s great growth period, doubling the staff and revenue in this time. This appointment will support the company in consolidating the growth and will ensure continued success in the Netherlands and Spain. 

Aurora’s performances are the outcome of a clear strategy which is positioning ourselves even more as a strategic key partner for our client – the European Space Agency – to whom we offer a service ready to meet the most demanding engineering and scientific goals.

The way forward

To keep on, this incredible growth needs continuous consolidation through new processes, innovative solutions and internal reorganization activity.  Up to now the structure has been maintained very lean playing catch up with the growth. Nowadays, the structure needs to be robust to support the overall increment of employees and the widened domain areas.

The actual structure with a single director can be stressed by the actual company dimension and the vision for the future.  Extra commitment are necessary and the possibility to differentiate the Clients portfolio push for a more complex structure with roles that focus on key strategic areas.

Second Managing Director

The shareholders meeting held on 17th of November 2020 appointed a second Managing Director for Aurora Technology, which will lead the company together with Alex.

We are then happy to announce that Davide Starnone is appointed as Managing Director of Aurora Technology, confirming that the company best value is to award its people on the way of a common success.

I want to express my appreciation to be appointed with the role of Managing Director of Aurora Technology. This is a moment of proudness for me, but also of deep personal responsibility.

I will lead Aurora together with Alex, who was my mentor since I started at Aurora 5 years ago. He is a great leader and always a source of inspiration for any business challenge we faced and will face together.

I will put all my commitment, passion, and competence to lead this company, along with my determination to achieve results and keep the Company as an excellence in the Space market.   The market needs are in constant evolution and we need to be very smart in our planning and priority setting, and street-wise in our actions.   Rest assured that I will work tirelessly, with my eyes on the goals, my ears open to the voices of all our employees, and my heart committed to our common vision. Most importantly, I will enjoy in doing so.

Always remember that: Space makes us dream. Knowledge and passion make it real.

Thank you, 



We congratulate with Davide and we wish him all the best for this new adventure with Aurora!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Davide and this cements our good partnership.  I am really looking forward to the next adventures that Davide will bring – says Alex.


“This is an important step in enabling future growth with our main customer in Spain and the Netherlands. We wish Davide all the best for his new role and want to thank him for his successful work in the past, especially in regards to ESTEC’s EFC-2 frame contract that started mid-2017 and has given us access to many new opportunities” – says Nick Priborsky, President of Engineering Services.