Welcome Domenico to the Recruitment Team

JUICE is on its way…
14th April 2023

We are pleased to introduce our newest team member, Mr. Domenico Toce, who has joined us as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. While Domenico may be at the beginning of the professional journey, his enthusiasm, dedication, and eagerness to learn make him a valuable addition to our recruitment team.

Domenico was born in Italy and studied/lived for a while also in Portugal and Bulgaria. He speaks english, spanish and portuguese.
While his educational background (Business administration, Economics and Management) and passion for human resources & talent acquisition provide a strong foundation for the role, what sets Domenico apart is his strong work ethic and willingness to take on new challenges.
He has shown a remarkable ability to quickly grasp concepts and apply them in practical scenarios. During his education, Domenico actively participated in internships, projects, or work related to recruitment, which helped him develop key skills such as resume screening, conducting initial interviews, and assisting in candidate evaluations.

As Aurora, we are excited to provide Domenico with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and further enhance his skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. Our experienced team members will provide mentorship and guidance to help him grow in his role.

We believe that by working closely with the rest of the team, attending training programs, and staying up-to-date with industry developments, Domenico will quickly develop the necessary expertise to contribute effectively to our recruitment efforts. His fresh perspective will undoubtedly add value to our talent acquisition process.

Welcome Domenico!